Krystl Pullens – Krystlmusic – The Bluebirds
“For a long time I didn’t take my guitar playing very seriously, but Vincent changed that and now I feel that things are getting better. I even swapped the piano for my guitar to write songs with. For me, Vincent is the perfect teacher because in each lesson we focus on groove/rhythm to find best way for me to sing and play the guitar. Furthermore, he is patient and super structured, which I find a very pleasant way of working. After each lesson I feel that I am another step further. “

Joyce van der Welle
“From mid-August 2015 I have been taking these lessons and I did not expect that my technique would improve so quickly. This teacher is doing a great job. He is always open to my suggestions and his lessons are very relaxed. He has also taught me how to play guitar and sing at the same time! That of course is the coolest thing there is. In short, the Guitar Club is truly a must for anyone who is looking for guitar lessons!”

Lonneke Kruisbergen – Composer Teacher Studio Toonvast
“This works! This unique approach is not only thorough, insightful and useful, it is also very challenging and fun. I already loved to play guitar, but even more since I’ve been taking lessons here. In a short time, I have learned so much. If you want to discover the essence of guitar playing, take these lessons.”

Maria Kraaijkamp
“Starting my new job next month, I will have a new boss and new colleagues. I’m looking forward to starting, but on one condition. I definitely want one afternoon off, so I can keep on taking guitar lessons here… Simply too good to miss!”

Monic Hendrickx – Actress
“I’ve been taking guitar lessons for a few years, and it’s true,” Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. This teacher easily knows the best way to play a song and knows the limits of my abilities really well. This keeps my lessons enjoyable and my technique keeps improving. He taught me tricks to play in a more sophisticated way, and he gives me useful tips to simplify. My guitar sounds much better and I get more and more fun out of playing it. Great! “

Bernhard Drost
“Although I have been playing guitar for several years , it all really started after the first lesson from Vincent. Not only has my technique improved, but he has also helped me to rediscover enjoyment and inspiration in music. Now I am learning how to play songs in a way that always seemed unattainable to me.”

Huub van der Lubbe – De Dijk
“I taught myself to play guitar and, of course, I sometimes got some tips from one of those ‘great guitarists’ friends of mine. They were no help at all. I kept on trying on my own and I did not really improve, until I decided to take lessons here. Now I am learning the basics, at a pace that works for me. I think this is a great guitar teacher.”

Gurbuz Coskun
“I find the passion, with which Vincent teaches, very inspiring and motivating.”

Paul Veer
“Finally I have found a guitar teacher who can explain very clearly how I should play Rhythm Guitar”

Merel Coolen
“This is a great teacher who motivates me and gets the best out of me and my guitar. Since I started my lessons with him my playing has improved a lot … and I’m singing as well. Cool! “

Wilma vd Oever
“Half a year ago I took up guitar lessons again, having not touched my guitar for several years. My family and I are amazed by my progress. This teacher knows what kind of music suits me and what level of technique is challenging enough for me. He explains patiently, is always encouraging and plays beautifully himself. I am really surprised that I now dare to sing with more confidence. “

Fang Jacobs
” Here the student is always the centre of attention. This teacher looks at what you can do, what kind of music you like, and helps you improve your playing with clear directions. In the eight months since starting his lessons, I have improved immensely. “

Margo Klerx
“I like to play guitar and sing folk music. I write my own songs and would like to accompany myself better on my guitar. That’s why I am in the right place at the ‘Guitar Club’ and the improvement in my playing is very clear. What a discovery! “

Jette van Steenis
” After my Graduation in music from the Conservatory, I wanted to learn to improve my guitar for my work. I’m amazed how fast my playing improved. The atmosphere at Vincent’s place is great and I get exactly the instructions I need . “